Enviromental engineering objective questions for competitive exams part 1

1. What is disinfection ?

... Answer is A
The removal of microorganism from the water is known as disinfection.

2. What is chlorination?

... Answer is C
The process of adding chlorine to water for killing certain bacteria and other microbes.

3. What is water softening?

... Answer is B
The process of removing hardness from the water is known as water sofetning.

4. what is sterilization?

... Answer is A
The process of complete removal of microorganisms and the water doesnot contain any impurities.

5. What are the assumptions used in the hardy cross method?

... Answer is c

6. Which of the below are the quality standards of H2O ____?

... Answer is D
Not provided.

7. What is filtration?

... Answer is A

8. What is FLOC?

... Answer is C

9. What are the BIS standards for the chlorine acceptable limit  &  Permissible limit ?

... Answer is A
BIS standard for chlorination acceptable limit is 250 mg/l and 1000 mg/l.

10. What is the use of mass diagram?

... Answer is A

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