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About Staad Pro V8i

Staad Pro is a structural analysis and design software, developed by Research Engineers International in 1977 and later acquired by Bentley Systems in 2005.

Staad Pro is widely used in structural analysis and design, supporting a total of 90 international steel, timber, concrete, and other design codes.

In this software, users can perform both design and analysis of various structural elements such as beams, columns, frames, slabs, and footings.

In staad pro you can import models i.e., you can make module in other software's like AutoCAD, Revit structures and then those models can be imported to the staad pro v8i software and can analyze and design the structural element.

We have another software for the foundations i.e., Staad Foundation Software used to design and analysis of the foundation loads like(Wind load etc.),and that software also included in the same version of staad prov8i application.

Staad pro v8i application is one of the best application to do design and to analyze the structures and at last this is software is very very useful for the Civil Engineering students to analyze and design the structural elements.

Features of Staad Pro V8i

The visual interface is user-friendly.

Ready-made models can be imported from other software.

Design can be done using different country codes.

3-Dimensional view of every structure is available.

Results and outputs are obtained quickly.

Shear and bending moment values for every joint in the structures are provided.

Staad Pro V8i Setup Details

Name of software: Staad Pro V8i

Full size of setup: 430mb, 665mb

Compatibility: 32 bit(x86) / 64 bit(x64)

Developed by: Bentley

System Requirements

Operating system: Any Windows

RAM: Minimum 500mb

Free space: 500mb

Processor: 2Ghz Intel processor or higher

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Using STAAD.Pro V8i

The STAAD.Pro V8i grants access to all the software's features for the analysis and design of various structures, including buildings, bridges, towers, industrial plants, and stadiums. The software can be used in different modes to suit your workflow and preferences:

Building Planner Mode:

  • Quickly define buildings using pre-set plans.
  • Construct these plans into a complete building model.
  • Analyze the building and design key concrete components using RCDC.

Pre-Analysis Mode:

  • Create and edit models using graphical or text-based methods.
  • Define loads and load combinations.
  • Assign properties and supports.
  • Check for errors and warnings before analysis.

Analysis/Design Mode:

  • Perform linear or nonlinear analysis of models.
  • Design steel or concrete members according to various codes and standards.
  • Optimize designs for cost or weight efficiency.

Post-Analysis Mode:

  • View and interpret analysis results.
  • Use tools like tables, graphs, diagrams, reports, and animations to analyze the results.

Steel Design Mode:

  • Design steel connections using RAM Connection or other compatible third-party applications.

Concrete Design Mode:

  • Design concrete slabs using Advanced Slab Design or other compatible third-party applications.

Earthquake Mode:

  • Conduct seismic analysis of models using different methods and criteria.


STAAD.Pro V8i license is a powerful and versatile software for structural analysis and design of various types of structures. It offers a range of features and benefits that enhance the user experience and expand the technical capabilities of the software.

To use STAAD.Pro V8i license, you need to download, install, activate and update it using your Bentley account credentials or a product activation key (PAK). You can then use it in different modes depending on your workflow and preferences.

If you have any questions or issues with STAAD.Pro V8i license, you can use various resources and methods to troubleshoot them, such as help menu, communities website, support portal and learn server.

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